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Friday, September 5, 2008

Lowetide goes to Oilersnation

So Lowetide has joined Oilersnation. Up until now there were only 3 hockey websites that I would check more than once a day:


Why did I visit hockeybuzz, you may ask? If there was a Jesuit mission concentrated towards bringing people over from the hockey dark side, that would be me. I usually get into heated debates with people on hockeybuzz who think that Kevin Lowe is singlehandedly raising the average salary in the NHL... go figure. I also find it interesting that nothing Eklund has reported has ever panned out.

Now, the opposite is/was true of Lowetide. Often I found it to be the hockey heaven of Oilerland. Albeit focused mainly on the Oilers, there was major hockey insight here. Not just from LT himself, but from the comments abound from the many visitors he receives. In this environment, I didn't feel like I needed to do any hockey teaching. Au contraire, I came here to be educated.

And I almsot panicked when I heard that LT went over to Oilersnation. But when I found out Robin Brownlee was also there, and after reading a few articles, I was rest assured things were okay. We still have our LT. Because without LT, the summers without hockey would definitely suck. Because without LT, the summers without hockey would consist of only hockeybuzz. Hockeysfuture and HFBoards is just not the same. It's Oilers' heaven down here.

I guess I'll have to start visiting Oilersnation more than once a day now.

P.S. Shout out to Addicted to Oil (http://addicted-to-oil.blogspot.com) who started blogging again recently. Suneil has posted some good stuff up, so check it out.


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