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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LT speaks out, Hebert makes like Humpty

Lowetide finally spoke up about the issue outside of "comment-space", here. He waited until both sides of the story came out, and I commend him.

Also hilarious, was this post by Andy Grabia, regarding JJ Hebert's comment on bloggers.

Here's a quote from LT's comment-space:

godot10 said...

Devil's advocate mode ON:

When someone enters your home without permission, does it matter whether they are polite or not?

There is clearly an "economic value" to live-blogging from the pressbox. For anyone to do it without asking for permission first seems naive.

That said, the Oilers probably could have been more gentle with the said blogger, but said blogger seemed NOT to have a good understanding about how to "police" his own activity. He made a poor presumption.

How much economic value live-blogging has is irrelevant I think. As long as the game of hockey lives, it will always be more economically important than someone's description of it.

It may be the tip of the iceberg (in terms of blogging, bloggers, and/or the growing Oilers coverage on the internet). I like to think of it like a comparable to the whole Copernicus story - sometimes the truth works itself out one way or another.

I like the fact that LT took his time to post on this while people everywhere (including myself) were running around with their heads chopped off due to the confusion. I think now that some of the controversy in the issue was due mostly to:
1) the Edmonton Oilers that delayed their response, which meant people would either have to believe D.Berry's story as it was (initially) or question his creditiblity (which also happened)
2) the MSM that pointed the finger at bloggers
3) the bloggers that pointed the finger back
I realise that posting all that stuff about "Oilers view fans as enemy" that I did falls under that category #3 as well but I don't regret it. Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, even if it involves your favorite hockey team.

Follow up: Also, check out Deadspin's new article.

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