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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Steve MacIntyre

Steve MacIntyre says he will be working on his other skills. Until we know what those are, we definitely brings these skills to the table:



Now the question is... can he skate well and play Oiler brand hockey at an NHL level? Since the answer is probably (but not definitely) no... one would imagine MacT and company would make him their project, as they have with Schremp and Stortini. Oilersnation is reporting that he skated on a line with Schremp and Brule at practice.

I liked this one quote from Robin Brownlee at 9:17 PM:

You’re stretching it a bit — a lot — when you say the Red Wings have never needed someone to take out the trash when they’ve had the likes of Bob Probert, Joey Kocur and Darren McCarty around, but your point is valid.

The problem is most teams don’t have the talent to consistently make opponents pay for being stupid by lighting them up on the power play. The Red Wings have that option, so they’ve done very well without having a tough guy for a decade now.

If the Oilers can climb into the top five on the power play, turning the other cheek becomes an option, but when you’re in the bottom 10 AND you don’t have a tough guy to keep teams honest, you’re screwed. You need one deterrent or the other.

Very insightful.

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