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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day before the Storm

There's a big storm brewing in the United States: the election of the country's first black President is about to take place. To many people, it is significant that a major minority group in America is about to be represented. To myself, it makes little difference what race the President so much as what he plans to do while he's in power.

For the Edmonton Oilers, it's another kind of storm: they are about to embark on another one of the sixteen back-to-back game sets we have this season as they continue their road trip. First game in Columbus and second game in Pittsburgh.

Expect Raffi Torres to throw a big hit or try to do something to keep us from forgetting his name in Edmonton. He's that kind of player and if you're familiar with the Edmonton Oilers from the past decade you know about the Milan Michalek hit.

Watch out Oilers!

Also, expect both Hemsky and Huselius to do well.

Here's another man whose success bodes well for Edmonton:

The bottom line is, the Oilers are in tough both games. It would be more important to win the game in Columbus because the Penguins will be a bigger challege. But a victory against the Stanley Cup finalists from last year will also be a good measuring stick and confidence boost. Victory in both is an option but embarking on another 4-game winning streak would be over-optimistic.

But I hope, at the very least, someone takes a run at Sidney Crosby, and dedicate it to the fans at Pensblog.

Good luck to Obama, the better of the two candidates, and good luck to the Oilers.


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Blogger Addicted-to-oil said...

I hate these damned early games :P I hope my bus isn't late this afternoon leaving work. Yesterday I didn't get home till 5:03! 5:03!!! Ridiculous!

November 5, 2008 at 12:47 PM


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