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Friday, December 19, 2008

No Trade Clauses - Don't give em out

Sundin screwed the Leafs. Plain and simple.

He made that fancy speech about not waiving his no trade clause because he didn't believe in being a rental player. Then why the dilly-dallying about where he wanted to sign and not keeping his off-season deadlines?

Sure it's hard to come to an important decision sometimes - but really Mats, Vancouver? It was obvious you weren't going to sign somewhere that was a contender otherwise you would've been in New York, San Jose, Detroit, Boston, or Montreal.

Best fit my left ass cheek.

If he really was serious about contending he wouldn't have had to consider all those offers for so long. It was convenient for him to make his decision after the meeting with Burke in Anaheim, and after Burke took the job in Toronto and made it clear in his "Sundin is not in our plans" speech.

What a load of concocted bull.

Burke obviously cleared the way for Sundin to accept the fat contract in Vancouver that has been causing him to flip flop all summer and for the balance of the season so far.

If he was serious about joining a contender, he would've followed in the footsteps of a Marian Hossa, Markus Naslund, or Brooks Orpik - signing for less to play with the team you believe in.

Mats Sundin stopped believing in the Leafs a long time ago and whether or not Vancouver makes the playoffs, one thing is clear: his career is not going to last much longer and this is his last gasp for air - his last chance to reel in some mega cash. So cut the B.S. and say you signed for the money already.

Even the Globe and Mail agrees with this assessment.

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