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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prospect, Player, or Trade Bait? Them's the rules:

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Prospect, Player, or Trade Bait?
UntouchablesFranchise Player
Can put in big TOINHL Regular
Protected from tough TOINHL Project
Mid-to-High Value / Low ReturnQuestionable Roster Spot Zone
Low-to-Mid Value / High ReturnPrime Trade Bait
Low-to-Mid Value / Low ReturnQuestionable Roster Spot Zone
Low Risk ProspectsAHL Prospect
Unwanted ElsewhereDump Zone

The Rules

  • Players on the list have at least one game of NHL experience
  • Players on the list can have up to three seasons of NHL experience
  • Player age, amount of prior experience, and placement on depth chart are all factors that determine placement
  • Amount of comparables on team in terms of other prospects or veterans is of importance
  • Chemistry with team veterans is another crucial factor

  • The Buffer Zones

    NHL Player:
    (High Value / High Return) - Established player with lower risk and lower profit.
    NHL Project:
    A player who is undoubtedly going to be a (1) franchise player or (2) an NHL regular but still needs a lot of work. (Mid-to-High Value / High Return)
    High Value / Low Return - Questionable Roster Zone:
    This player is not quite on the top 2 lines, but not quite in a checking role either. However, they wouldn't bring back enough to seriously consider trading them right this moment.
    Small Value / Low Return - Questionable Roster Zone:
    What role does this player have? 13th Forward? 7h Defenseman? Or below that... ? The NHL player has shown the pluck to make the big club and perhaps stick around for a while - but their role is ambiguous on the team.

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