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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kevin Armstrong? Melissa Dominelli? I don't care, fire them all

CTV has conveniently removed the article or link, but Google keeps a copy of every internet web page on their servers and you can access it through the "Cached" link. Here it is for those of you haven't read it:

Oilers disappoint fans

Updated: Wed Jan. 28 2009 17:11:38
Melissa Dominelli, ctvedmonton.ca

Many fans are still shaking theirs heads over the worst home ice loss in team history Tuesday night.
An unbelievable 10-2 loss actually had hometown fans eventually cheering for the other team.
"It was a comedy, you got people wearing Oilers' jerseys cheering for Buffalo by the end of it," said Moe Mouallem, who drove all the way from Slave Lake to check out the game. He paid nearly $200.00 for his seat at Rexall Place.
"You feel a little bit ripped off," he said.
Kevin Quinn has been doing the play-by-play for NHL games for nearly nine seasons and he told CTV News that the fans response to the loss Tuesday night was hard to miss.
"Some of the fans' frustration level had peaked," he said.
And head coach Craig MacTavish had no response for those fans Wednesday.
"I don't feel compelled to say anything," he said.
Captain Ethan Moreau offered no apology for the loss.

"We sell out every night, so no complaints as long as we continue to do that," he said.

Although for some fans, Mouallem included, it may be awhile until they pay to watch another game.
"It's a lot of money, I can do a lot with that money and feel a lot better than I did last night, that's for sure," Mouallem said.
The Oilers weren't smiling at practice Wednesday and admitted they weren't well prepared for the game.
"We just weren't prepared from the drop of the puck and that team was," Sheldon Souray told CTV News.
The Oilers fell from 6th to 8th place. They play Minnesota on Friday.

With files from Kevin Armstrong
Here's the actual quote:
"We sell out every night so no complaints, as long as we continue to do that, we know when we win they will be behind us" said Moreau.
That's a classic case of misquoting done by the media. In fact, the message was so misconstrued that its context was unrecognizable from the quote taken from Moreau by Armstrong by the time it was published or reported on by Dominelli.

But these are just the facts.

Here's the most coherent response I received in response for my "witch hunt" blog entry:
Perhaps you should get your facts correct before you declare a "witch hunt" - these were quotes taken directly from Oilers players.

Who the hell do you think you are blaming an online writer, without knowing the facts.

Bet it makes some juicy web-hits for you.

The quotes in the story weren't made up, or fudged, or lies...these were quotes from Oilers players who don't give a crap about the fans. You know it, we all know it.

All the other media in this town are so afraid of the Oilers and their threats of dropping advertising that they don't write the truth.

Sounds to me like Kevin Armstrong asked a question the team didn't like and the Oilers got all pissy.

Is this the way you get your thrills by pissing on a website writer for doing their job?

I've addressed the Moreau issue here. And I don't know if you guessed from the tone of the writing that the "witch hunt" is metaphorical for the trend shown here:

- courtesy Wanye Gretz

The facts are indisputable. We don't have to agree on how to interpret the evidence, but hey, such profound information can be overwhelming for you. But how could I understand? I'm not a foolish donkey. Amiable, but foolish donkey.

Name-calling aside, you should go back and read very carefully what I wrote before. Maybe then we'll have another discussion about who's response was truly proportional to the given evidence. Dominelli? Armstrong? I don't give a rats ass, fire them all.


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