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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Oilers Clearly Don't Give A Rats Ass

If the 9-2 loss to Chicago and the 10-2 loss to Buffalo were not bad enough, check out the quote Moreau left in the paper today.

Are these the words of a captain?
"We sell out every night, so no complaints as long as we continue to do that," Moreau said.
Damn right you sell out every night. And you're the biggest damn sell out known to man, Ethan. What do YOU do that Liam Reddox can't do as well or better?

Are you kidding me? Moreau is tempting fate with such words. He was clearly not around for the Oilers early 90's. Moreau was my favorite player shortly after he came over from Chicago. But such an attitude and such words is clearly disrespect for the organization and the fans.

A captain has to take responsibility for what happens on the ice, because it's his team, regardless of what happens. The captain goes down with the ship. If he feels otherwise, feed him to the sharks. Trust me, it takes a lot for me to lose respect in a favorite player and Moreau is seriously pushing it: not just for me, but for all Edmonton Oilers fans when he says such things.

Souray, MacIntyre, Gilbert, Roloson and coach MacTavish left very appropriate comments in the media. They were respectable and professional. They took blame, accepted the loss and decided to move on. Their professionalism contented my disappointment and convinced me to tune in for the next game. But Moreau can't pretend that something as embarrassing as the worst loss in Oilers history didn't happen or doesn't matter or else you haven't learned the lesson. And to lose by such big margins in two games less than 42 days apart - that's a tough lesson not to have been learned by a bunch of professional athletes.

It's true, we're not on the ice, we don't have a say in how things are run. But don't forget hockey is an entertainment industry and the key component is selling the sport to the fans. It's fine to say, let's forget it and win the next game, which is what pretty much every other Oiler was willing to say and do.

But to give the fans his cold shoulder... Moreau can dislocate both of his for all I care. Trust me - the team is better off without him.



Blogger Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk said...

I like that you're leading the charge on this one. If you do another article about it let me know and we'll link you up.


January 29, 2009 at 8:50 AM

Blogger thickoil said...

You sir have been punked by the media.

Moreau: (speaking on the fans response)
"We sell out every night so no complaints, as long as we continue to do that, we know when we win they will be behind us"

Obviously you can still subject it to an argument, but this blog article is founded on lies. LIES!!!!

January 29, 2009 at 1:22 PM

Blogger raventalon40 said...

It doesn't matter what the context is. How long do the expect to keep selling out with performances like that?

January 29, 2009 at 1:56 PM


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