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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Armchair GM'ing PT II: Transition PHASE I

In accordance to what Quinn was talking about building a team for which rolling 4 lines could produce results both offensively and defensively, I tried to envision a lineup that could provide that. In both instances I have moved Brodziak to wing (yes, I know he's good at faceoffs) so that he can barrel down the RW and cause havoc in the low slot.

Lineup 1

New Guy – Horcoff – Hemsky
Penner – Gagner – Brodziak
Cogliano/MoreauReasoner – Pisani
Jacques – Spurgeon – Stortini

Visnovsky Grebeshkov
Souray Komisarek
Peckham Staios

Major changes:
  • New first line LW
  • Nilsson, Smid and Gilbert are traded
  • Brodziak on RW
  • Reasoner returns
  • Organization has to choose between Moreau or Cogliano
  • Spurgeon makes the NHL team
  • Komisarek is signed as a UFA
I believe that if the Oilers could acquire a guy like Sami Pahlsson, a superpest who can win faceoffs, he too could fill the role slated for Spurgeon in this lineup.

Lineup 2

Penner - Horcoff - Hemsky
O'Sullivan - Gagner - Pisani
Cogliano - New Guy - Brodziak
Jacques - Reasoner - Stortini

Souray Visnovsky
Gilbert Grebeshkov
Peckham New Guy

Major changes:
  • Moreau, Nilsson, Smid, and Staios are traded
  • Brodziak on RW
  • Reasoner returns
  • A shutdown D-man is brought in to play with Peckham, who is NHL-ready; Shane Hnidy or Greg Zanon are possibilities
  • A bonafide shutdown 3rd line center is signed via UFA or acquired by trade is now flanked by Cogliano on LW; this could be anybody from John Madden to Rob Neidermeyer
Lineup 3

Come back tomorrow. This lineup will feature more "coke machines" and "refrigerators" than the first two I proposed.


Blogger thickoil said...

We only get Komi if we lose one of Souray/Visnovsky. Rumor is he's asking 5.5+.

Brodziak on the 2nd line as well won't pan out, unless you want a Top-10 pick again. And I'm sure you noticed this while doing this, we have no RW depth. Pisani/Brodziak are neither 2nd line RW's. Like I mentioned in mine, Stafford would be a great addition to our 2nd line RW spot, or resigning Kotalik would be fine as well.

May 30, 2009 at 8:03 PM


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