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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Redemption: Oilers score 4 unaswered but lose 5-4

Okay Penguins online webmaster... you didn't win by that much.

I know the criticisms. The Oilers dropped the ball and started slow in another 1st period outing and let the game get out of hand. Falling behind 5-0 is 2.5 times worse than falling behind 2-0, so it is understandable that the Oilers couldn't repeat what they did in Columbus. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, when I was about to rip my shirt up and kick some unlucky inanimate object that was nearby... the Oilers woke up.

And then they won me back. To see them come back from 5-0 took a lot of guts.

Maybe they need some red bulls or cold showers or something, but whatever MacT is doing to motivate them before the game, it aint enough. Whatever he said between periods or perhaps the realization that this team finally made that it is leaving Roloson and Garon out to dry on most nights... perhaps that is what woke them up.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how the Oilers fair in New Jersey. It has been an interesting week for both teams: New Jersey lost their goalie god and the Oilers are realising that Garon and Roloson are neither of them omnipotent. Both teams have been average offensively but Edmonton is in the opposite ballpark in terms of defense - giving up 41 goals in comparison to the Devil's 30.

We redeemed ourselves this game. We didn't win, but we sure made them work for it. Hemsky and Gilbert are keeping up the good work (sick goal by Hemmer) and MacIntyre continues to improve his overall game.

And also, if Tambellini is listening:
Peckham's a keeper. Now let's get someone who can win a faceoff already!

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