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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will the Real Edmonton Oilers Please Stand Up: Win 7-2 Despite Being Outshot 39-19

Holy Smokes. The Oilers finally woke up. And in fine fashion, I might add.

I didn't watch this one because I was in class, but from what I hear, here's what happened:

  • Hemsky was a force all night

  • Penner was creating chances everywhere: drawing penalties, banging bodies, crashing the net, sniping wristshots...

  • Pouliot played like an NHL player, not an AHL callup - perhaps he is the guy who played with Sidney Crosby in Rimouski after all

  • Roloson was outstanding

  • Souray and Visnovsky played like the top pairing once again

  • Gagner played much better

  • Reddox continues to impress

  • I hope to acquire a copy of that game so that I can watch it for myself.

    I have a few worries though. The Oilers were outshot 39-19. Horcoff said in the post game interview that the score didn't reflect how close the game was. Playing the devil's advocate, this could be the result of a few things:

  • A. Pascal LeClaire's ankle not being fully healed

  • B. The Oilers' superior offense

  • C. The Oilers' superior defense

  • D. The Oilers' superior goaltending

  • E. Luck

  • F. MacBlender finding the right chemistry, finally

  • G. The team waking up realising they had been shut out by Ty Conklin, of all people...

  • H. Unleashing the Penner within

  • I. Some combination of the things above

  • I know it reads a lot like a goddamn multiple choice exam, but I pray to God the answer is I and the combination is B,C,D,F,H, though if G is included it would help us get revenge against the Red Wings Thursday night at Rexall Place.

    Maybe they woke up and realised that the loss of Fernando Pisani meant that the team would have to start putting in a group effort. Who knows.

    There is doubt and rightfully so that we can win every game being outshot by 20 or more. Not every goalie not named LeClaire will give up 7 goals on 19 shots, unless the Oilers dynasty was revived tonight. Look to the Oilers putting the pedal to the metal against the Red Wings Thursday.

    I will be in attendance with Suneil Parmar of Addicted to Oil and we will cheer on the Oilers from home ice. See you there hockey fans.

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    Blogger Bob Arctor said...

    If you have some money, you might want to check out nhl gamecenter. The games are archived so you can watch them again later. It does take them some time to post the games (last Oilers game is against the Leafs)

    November 19, 2008 at 9:51 AM

    Blogger Addicted-to-oil said...

    David Staples has a PVR that he uses for most games, so I'd check with him also if he has a copy you could have.

    Last night's game was an interesting one - especially since we only had 8 shots after 2 periods, but still had the lead. I think it's safe to say this was a one time thing. Leclaire was clearly rusty in the third, which wasn't too unexpected after a two or three week layoff with a high ankle sprain.

    I'm interested to see how the guys respond on Thursday. Detroit manhandled them Monday. The Oilers got lucky last night. If Roli hadn't been playing so well, the Jackets would have easily tied the game and taken the lead. They had way too much pressure and played way too much time in our end of the rink.

    November 19, 2008 at 9:55 AM


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