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Monday, November 10, 2008

Oilers Beat NYR in Shootout to End Road Trip

Exclamation Mark

If I was ecstatic after JDD's performance against New Jersey, I was definitely left speechless after that 40-save perforance. Sitting in Boston Pizza, watching the puck roll off Lundqvist's glove and in, and then watching JDD stone Naslund with a wicked glove save straight out of one of Don Cherry's highlight videos - I was left speechless. I muttered somethings that were part English and part excitement (basically my friend couldn't understand me).

Playing under the relative security of anonymity while Edmonton struggled with chemistry and finding the right goalie to carry the load - JDD has come out and started his career a stunning 3-0.

He reminds me a lot of Josh Harding and Jaroslav Halak.

If there was a goalie controversy before with Garon and Roloson, JDD's strong play has certainly confused the triangle a bit.

Thought most would pick Garon to be the starter under any circumstances, right now nobody in Edmonton, Craig "run-with-the-hot-hand" MacTavish least of all, knows what this means for the goalie triangle. Roloson would be most expendable based on salary alone but there is no guarantee that Garon would not be tradeable either, since he would definitely draw a larger return than Roloson at this stage in his career. I would prefer to keep Garon, though: he's still in his prime.

JDD has made 77 saves in the past two games, however. Out-dueling Clemmensen was one thing, but out-dueling Lundqvist is just plain sexy. 'Nuff said.

Now it's back to Edmonton against Toronto.

Check out Addicted-To-Oil for some post game stats.

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