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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goalies for Poolies Vol. 2

This was Alex Auldwhen he was still with the Florida Panthers.

In this edition of Goalies for Poolies, we examine which of our predictions came true and which of them didn't pan out. Also, we have a look at where these goaltending trends will lead us for the holidays and into the new year.


Journeyman goaltender Alex Auld has come a long way since his Manitoba Moose days. He has played on 5 NHL teams and 2 AHL teams in the past 5 seasons. Unluckily for him, he was one of the key pieces that sent Bertuzzi to Florida and Luongo to Vancouver, ending the relative success he had in his early career on the West coast.

Luckily for him, he has rediscovered his game in Ottawa. He currently sits 2nd in the league in GAA and 7th in SV%. It's the Alex Auld Renaissance.

So much for Craig Hartsburg's whole speech about Gerber being "the guy" at the beginning of the year. If you recall, back in October I said that Alex Auld would take over the #1 spot. Martin Gerber is still getting his starts, but I think it's no longer a question who the dominant goaltender is in the locker room.

I predict for this trend to continue. I do however, expect Gerber to pick up his play down the stretch run to help Auld and the rest of the Senators make the playoffs.


When you're getting outplayed by Brent Johnson on more nights than not, you know there's a problem. And if you're Jose Theodore, Washington's No. 1 goalie coming out of camp, there is a definite problem right now.


I was wrong about the Philly goaltending situation back in October. I predicted that Biron would play horribly and be replaced by Niittymaki. As horrible as Biron has been, Niittymaki has not been any better.

Colorado & NY Islanders

We hit the nail on the head on both assessments regarding Colorado and New York. Not only did Peter Budaj play horrible, the situation in NY is embarrassing considering how many starts Joey McDonald is getting in place of the 15 year goalie wonder Rick DiPietro.

Expect these trends to continue.

San Jose

We predicted this tandem to be the most solid goaltending tandem in the NHL back in October. We have not been proven wrong.


I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this goaltending duo. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Siutation Pending


The prophecy has come true: Ty Conklin has proven to be more reliable than Chris Osgood. However, both goalies are getting their chances and Conklin has not outplayed Osgood enough to be handed the #1 job. Expect Conklin to get a lot of looks in the playoffs though, because I'm going to predict that Osgood stumbles in the 1st round.


Boy was I wrong. Tim Thomas was one of my favorites every season, but watching a few seasons of mediocrity I was convinced of his inability and switched my loyalty over to the Habs goaltending duo.

Boy was I wrong!

Tim Thomas has come and snatched the ice time away from the not-so-stellar Manny Fernandez and has held the NHL goaltending stats at his mercy with game after game of show-stopping saves. The Bruins early dominance of the league is owed in no small part to the All-Star calibre goaltending they are receiving from Tim Thomas.


This situation is still ugly and unsolved.

3 headed monster

Tampa Bay was the only team here that turned out to be correct. Great goaltending by Hiller and Gigure, coupled with the surprising ability of Craig Anderson to steal a game, has put other NHL starting tandems to shame. Particularly ours here in Edmonton. Let's deal one of the goalies already!

Predicitons for the future:

Ty Conklin will get progressively more starts.

Huet will come out on top and Khabibulin will be traded.

DesLauriers will be the #1 in Edmonton come Spring.

Vokoun will be #1 in Florida again.

Gerber will be traded to solidify Auld's position.

Halak will be traded.

Boston will at least win their division due to Thomas' play.

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