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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hockey News and Puck Daddy agree with Strange Deadfellows on Avery

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News had this to say:

"The Dallas Stars, who were only too happy to sign him, expressed their disgust, saying they would have suspended him themselves if the NHL hadn’t seen fit to do so. A number of commentators are calling for Avery’s head, saying the NHL should use its broad moral powers to kick Avery out of the league or the Stars should invoke a morality clause to void his contract. A 10-game suspension for this nonsense is expected.

So, I ask, where was all this moral indignation when Bryan Allen two-handed Henrik Zetterberg and broke his leg a few years back? Why isn’t everyone scrambling to occupy the moral high ground when players are getting stepped on and having their heads driven into the boards?

Just so we all have this straight: John Zeiler gets three games for his boarding/check-from-behind/headshot to Adam Foote and Mike Mottau gets two games for a flying elbow at the head of Frans Nielsen. Funny how nobody ever talks about how potentially ending another player’s career is 'detrimental to the league or game of hockey.'

Then you have commentators on all-sports stations rebuking Avery as though Cuthbert was their own daughter. Please. These are the same outlets that, moments after expressing their disgust with Avery, chose to replay the tape of his comments dozens of times. If it were so offensive, why did they have to keep showing us what Avery said?

Two insightful blog entries from Puck Daddy:

Link 1

Link 2

Also, have a read-read over at JSBM:


Sean Avery met with the "long arm of the law" at NHL HQ in New York today. We'll find out later today or early tomorrow what the verdict is.

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Blogger Addicted-to-oil said...

A whopping six games for the douche. The NHL is so messed up. Torres doesn't even get a penalty for shoving his elbow in the face of Smid, knocking him out of the lineup for a few games, and Avery gets 6 games for (aptly) calling his ex-girlfriends slutty puck bunnies?
Fucking ridiculous

December 5, 2008 at 10:49 AM


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