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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Patrick O'Sullivan Faces LA

2008-09 Stats while with LA
62 GP
14 G
23 A
37 PTS
16 PIM

0.596 PTS/PG

2008-09 Stats while with EDM
16 GP
1 G
4 A
12 PIM
0.312 PTS/PG

2008-09 Stats Combined
78 GP
15 G
27 A
42 PTS
28 PIM
1.70 PTS/60
Corsi = +7.3*

A glimpse at Patrick O'Sullivan:
  • Highest Corsi number on the team
  • PTS/60 is 10th on the team
  • TOI/60 is 9th on the team (but Visnovsky and Smid are injured, so he is now 7th)
  • In terms of QUALCOMP and QUALTEAM he is just a John Doe
  • GFON is 45 and GAON is 46 - practically a wash
Now, it's interesting to find Patrick O'Sullivan trailing Rob Schremp, JF Jacques, Ryan Potulny, and Zach Stortini in terms of PTS/60 - but then again, so is pretty much everyone else on the team. I'm guessing this is from a small sample size and not that accurate. But it does show one thing about Zach Stortini who's played quite a bit this season - he's pretty damn reliable.

The highest Corsi number on LA? Trevor Lewis at 20.1 and the pair of Tom Preissing and Anze Kopitar at 10.4 - but Lewis has spent most of his season in Manchester though.

What I seem to get from these stats is that Patrick O'Sullivan is not as great as I keep hearing that he's supposed to be - at least not yet. He has all the skills, but is he using them effectively? His points-per-game clip has dropped but I think some of that is attributable to coming to a new team. Is his frustration boiling over - or is it the new system? Who knows, but he has almost matched his entire season's output of PIM from when he was in LA in just 16 games here in Edmonton.

Current Lineup:

Kotalik - Horcoff - Hemsky
Nilsson - Gagner - O'Sullivan
Moreau - Cogliano - Pisani
Penner - Brodziak - Stortini

Souray - Staios
Gilbert - Grebeshkov
Peckham - Strudwick

O'Sullivan and Nilsson seem to have chemistry and have reignited the fire under Sam Gagner's ass. I'm still worried about the size of that line should we make the playoffs or even next season. As for Penner on the 4th line - that's just a total mismanagement of human resources.

Jacques and Stortini usually hem the opposition in their own zone and Penner is a 1st-2nd line player who is not that useful in a 3rd-4th line kind of role. Out of Penner/Nilsson/O'Sullivan/Kotalik you can only play 3 of them and right now it's not smart to play Penner on the 4th line where he is not effective: I think they should just play him or scratch him, and put Jacques in.

A Better Lineup:

Kotalik - Horcoff - Hemsky
Nilsson - Gagner - O'Sullivan
Moreau - Cogliano - Pisani
Jacques - Brodziak - Stortini

Souray - Staios
Gilbert - Grebeshkov
Peckham - Strudwick

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