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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Armchair GM'ing PT II - Suggestion 3

Penner - Horcoff - Hemsky
New Guy - Gagner - New Guy
Stone - Reasoner - Pisani
Jacques - Brodziak - Stortini

Souray Visnovsky
Grebveshkov Smid
Peckham Staios

I can see Tambellini unloading all of Moreau, O'Sullivan, Nilsson, and Cogliano despite the strengths and reputation of players such as Moreau and Cogliano as captain and speedy phenom. From what I see, Moreau's contribution to the team as a gritty forward and bull-in-a-china-shop is negligible after all the bad penalties and poor defensive decisions he makes are added up together. Cogliano has some major skills and world class speed but it is obvious that this is Sam Gagner's team moving forward.

I have huge faith in some of the farmhands on this team despite the poor season that Springfield had. In particular, I like Ryan Stone and Tyler Spurgeon. MA Pouliot seems like an obvious player dump to a lot of people but I believe he will have a useful role on a Pat Quinn team. I believe that Ryan Stone has more upside than even Curtis Glencross. Yeah, I went there.

Once again, I wouldn't mind moving Brodziak to C/RW to play a more offensive role or aka the "Shawn Horcoff role" alongside Sam Gagner and whoever the new UFA/RFA pickup would be.

Also, I like Tom Gilbert a lot, but at his contract value and what he brings to the team, he is the most attractive trade bait the Oilers have this smmer.

As for Smid, it has been reported that he asked for a trade but you never know what can happen if there is major change in the organization this summer.


Blogger thickoil said...

I just had the greatest idea. With the Souray selling his house and yada yada. It's more of a tuning of my original big ass proposal however insteand of Michelak we aim for Clowe. Our backend does look a bit weaker, but Zanon is IMO better than Souray defensively. It also allows for Visnovsky to be our #1 PP RD guy, which Souray and him struggled with. Smid gets his top 4 demands. Staois gets slowly put on the backburner and plays softer minutes. That 2nd line could be sexytacular though.



One thing I'd like to mention is that you can't fit square pegs into round holes, you need to get those square pegs for square holes. I think you noticed that this season.

June 6, 2009 at 6:29 AM

Blogger Marion said...

The Thrashers resigned Reasoner.

June 9, 2009 at 1:16 AM

Blogger thickoil said...



Check out Blair Betts history with Renney. I'm willing to bet 10 bucks he's an Oiler come July 1st.

June 9, 2009 at 8:27 AM


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