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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sticks and Stones and Double Standards

Well here's another picture perfect example of moral indignation mixed with the accuser's own double standards.

First it was the Sean Avery "sloppy seconds" episode. Now it's the accusal of a league official using profanity, with this pansy ass accusation by Ryan Miller.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we always see guys like MacTavish and Wilson using profanity (we don't hear it, but we can work out the mouth motions and they're not saying fudge...). Heck, I even remember seeing precious Sam "the kid line" Gagner asserting his lack of innocence by a well-timed "FUCK" in front of a Sportsnet West camera.

But now with the Sean Avery incident and the league setting its double-standard on word choices, Ryan Miller has jumped the gun and accused an official of using profanity. Even worse, he characterizes the argument which involved the heated exchange of words as having led to a penalty against his team.

Miller said he joked with Ruff that the exchange with the official might have played a factor a few minutes later when the Sabres were issued a bench minor penalty for arguing an interference penalty against Thomas Vanek.

Correct me if I'm wrong. The ref swore at you, and then you got a penalty for it? That's makes absolutely no sense at all. Where does the "I did something to piss off the referee" part come into the equation? Or is Ryan Miller the do-good Mormon he wants us to believe he is. Surely he has nothing to admit to except what you would expect from Goodman Brown himself -- endless righteousness.

I feign to believe that portrayal. He is probably more self-righteous than righteous.

The problem with the league taking Sean Avery's problem into its own hands is that it will be swamped by bull shit petty concerns like this Ryan Miller incident where people take sides on issues that have no business presenting sides.

You were an asshole, the ref gave you a bench minor penalty. It's pretty simple.

If the league had let Sean Avery's problems get hammered out on the ice, then they would just have to deal with the aftermath of the natural way of dealing with things. Now guys think they're entitled to interpret the rule book and play with the league's backwards policies.

Good grief.

What next, suspensions for showing up at the rink in a bad mood?

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