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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Player Analysis

Stortini (A)-Did everything I wanted him to, got better at fighting.

Rolison (A)-Played like a backup all season. Amazing for stretches, mediocore for other stretches. Was overworked. I think he's best when he's being pushed by another competitive goalie. We would be picking a top-5 draft pick if it weren't for him.

Grebeshkov (A-)-Excellent season for Grebeshkov. One of the more genious moves by Klowe to pry this gem from the Islanders for Bergeron. Grebeshkov lead the team in +/-, including being 0 in the blowout against Buffalo and +1 in the whopping we recieved from Detroit. His giveaways are a flaw in his game, but he improved in that area this season.

Souray (A-)-Had a great season, he started off arguably in a Norris type form. However ended the season considerably weaker. His footspeed is already a problem and I hate to see what it's gonna be like in 2-3 years.

Hemsky (B+)-How long should we wait for him to bloom into a superstar. He hasn't gotten a PPG yet. He does have the ability to take over the game and control it. He did it in a stretch that led up to the Glen Anderson ceremony. Since that game he was mostly invisible for the most part. I think if someone offered the right package for Hemsky, I'd do it.

Reddox (B+)-I didn't really think he'd play at all for the Oilers this season. I thought he was effective in his 4th line role. When he was misused on the 1st line I was pretty livid, but thats a coaching error.

Peckham (B+)-I like this kid alot. I think he'll be a fan favorite assuming we don't trade him like we did to Matt Greene. I think he has top 4-potential.

Visnovsky (B+)-I'd say he was our best player this season. I gave him a lower rating because he was injured and at the end of the day, his presence in the rehab center did not help the Oilers in the last half of the season.

Gagner (B)-He started the season overconfident and was actual evidence of the "sophomore slump" during the first half of the season. After building minor chemistry with Cole in the latter half of the season, he ended the last 20 games with a PPG average. Although he didn't surpass his point production from last year, I'd say Gagner was overall better this year ending the season at -1 vs. the -21 he ended the season at last season.

Cogliano (B)-Another player misused in a 3rd line checking role. He had the 4th most goals on the team at 18. His speed is obviously his greatest asset. Honestly don't think he'll be an Oiler for long.

Gilbert (B)-45 points for a guy who for most of the season was overshadowed by Souray and Visnovsky. I'm not his largest fan as I don't like his defensive game. Personally I think he's our greatest trading asset.

MacIntyre (B)-He fulfilled my expectations. Was effectively early in the season at crushing Calgary with a massive hit. He had 2 goals in minimal ice time this season. Was pretty shaky defensively.

Kotalik (B-)-He came here and started off soft, but that's expected with a new team and new settings, but he managed to adapt to our system and ended the season on a high note. I hope the Oilers resign him for <3 million.

Horcoff (B-)-I'll probably get the most flack for this rating. Horcoff had a good season. Sure offensively I'd say he was about a C, but defensively he was a A. Due to pisspoor management Horcoff had to play the most minutes of any Oiler forward this season and take the most faceoffs ever as a Oiler. He took the majority of defensive zone faceoffs for this team. He supposedly was playing with a injury for the whole season.

Pisani (B-)-He was injured again for most of the season which really didn't help the team. When he came back our PK got considerably better.

Smid (C+)-I'd say this year was a lateral move for Smid. I found he wasn't as aggressive as last season. He still looks like he has the ability to play a solid 2 way game.

Deslauriers (C+)-This guy is a career backup, nothing else. He's okay in short short stretches. Our goaltending depth is scary moving forward.

O'Sullivan (C+)-Again, really didn't see enough of this guy to make a decent reading. He came here and his production dropped. Not a huge fan of his game, but to me he's just another asset that could be added to a trade.

Penner (C+)-I expected big things from him this season. Him and Nilsson were completely mismanaged all season long. His best numbers came when he played with Hemsky and Horcoff, and both Hemsky and Horcoff both had their best numbers when Penner was on their line.

Nilsson (C+)-Started off the season slow. After too many benchings to count, he came back after each one with a bit of fire. I personally liked his last quarter of the season, but somehow he still managed to get the short end of the stick when it came to icetime.

Staios (C)-Just a notch above Strudwick for defensive ability. I'd say his high of the season was the game against Washington where he managed to shut down Ovechkin. There was a period where he was being overworked and it showed. Personally it's time for Peckham to slowly translate into his role.

Strudwick (C-)-For a 7th defensemen, he was okay in short stretchs. Otherwise he was pretty terrible. For less then a million still a good guy to keep around the lockerroom.

Moreaus (D+)-I'd say this was his real "first" year at being captain. His job was to help to show on and off the ice the passion the guys needed for 82 games this season. I don't think I saw that passion for more than 1 or 2 games. Offensively he put up okay numbers. His bad timing for taking a penalty killed us in several games in the middle of the season because of our abysmal PK.

Brodziak (D)-Last year was 1 step forward with a great run at the end of the season. This year was 2 steps back. I feel bad for the guy because for the most part he was playing with offensively disabled players the whole season. He PK work was solid. I'd still consider him a project.

Pouliot (F)-Bad draft notwithstanding, I'm just done with this guy.
Fringe prospects like Brule, Schremp, Jacques didn't play enough for me to rate them.

Boulerice (F-)-Most useless Oiler of all time.

Cole (B-)-Came here and dissapointed me. Goes back to Carolina and rips it up. I'd say he was misused.

Team Average (B-)- Assuming 8th place is a B or average, this team was below average and just missed the playoffs. Disappointing season.


Blogger raventalon40 said...

I agree with most of those except Hemsky and Penner would get B's.

Hemsky gets a B for being an offensive threat for "most of the time." The other third of the season where he disappears cannot be overlooked.

Penner gets a B for putting up with BS all season without demanding a trade the way Smid did. If he had demanded a trade I'm not sure what he'd fetch on the market but the Oilers were obviously misusing him as a 3rd-4th line winger. The fact that they neglected to use him on the PP even though Staples and others have shown how effective he is on the PP is just an abuse of power and digging the Oilers' collective post-season graves.

Oh, and I'd give Staios a B- for covering Souray's ass after Visnovsky got hurt.

April 12, 2009 at 10:15 PM

Blogger Gord said...

I agree with those grades - because the players are graded on the individual's role on the team.

And whether they met or exceeded the expectations. Good tool when analyzing the salary cap...

April 13, 2009 at 1:22 AM


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